Decorative Custom Designed Ceramic Tiles, Garden Sculpture, Plaques, Sculpture, and More
Ceramic Tiles -- We specialize in handmade, decorative tiles, garden sculpture, and sculpture in-the-round.



New garden sculptures will soon be available -- Happy As A Clam, and a new Octopus Gardener/Sand Digger (think beach).  See photos on this page.



Remember, that many of our tiles and sculptures can be found at Sea Meadow Gifts in Essex, MA (978-768-3441) or Shipshape in Marblehead, MA (781-631-7477).  Both stores can ship to you.  Premier Imprints in Gloucester, MA (978-282-3227) also carries our tiles, work by local artisans and "Made in America" items.

Feel free to call Bliss Studios if you have a new, specific item you would like us to make and produce.  We would be happy to discuss it with you.  subjects, tiles, sculpture and plaques.

Both the Rockport Art Association (open almost all year) and the North Shore Arts Association (closed for the winter) carry some of our items for sale. We hope you stop in.



Custom projects welcome any time, in relief or in the round -- ceramic, bronze or fiberglas.  Commissions accepted for a relief portrait to commemorate a loved one or pet.  Please call to discuss.   

Sculpture for your garden is  now available, but pieces can also be displayed on a coffee table, mantle or bookshelf.  The collection includes a variety of ducks, herons, turtles, a toad, a snail, lizards sunning themselves on a rock and even a mermaid.

The Toad Hall Toad is on permanent display at the Toad Hall Book Store in Rockport, MA.  The Bookstore also has Garden Toads for sale.

When visiting Boston, don't forget to visit the Tropical Forest building at the Franklin Park Zoo and see the bronze Gorilla Portrait by Robert Bliss.

Ocean Collection

We have four wall art pieces in our Fisherman Series -- a Fisherman, a Fisherman with Net, a Fisherman at the Wheel, and a Fisherman and Mate.  A new Shark sculpture has been added to the collection.

A Humpback Whale, Bluefish, Striped Bass and Great Blue Heron on a pedestal can be displayed on a coffee table, shelf or mantel.

Our sea life collection of stand-alone pieces includes a Cod, Seahorse, Striper, School of Fish, Sea Bass, Humpback Whale, Bluefish, Octopus, and Sea Turtle.   


If you have a special or personal design you want sculpted on a tile, in relief, a stand-alone piece, or a portrait, Bliss Studios can do that for you in just about any size. 

My wife, Karen, helps with the glazing process. Each tile is an individual piece of art from beginning to end.

Our clay of choice is Bright White-High Fire Stoneware Clay which is one of the finest clays you can use for ceramics.  Our ceramic sea collection makes the perfect gift for anyone.

We hope you enjoy our distinctive tiles, sculptures, garden sculptures and stand-alone pieces.

Robert and Karen Bliss





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